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Some testimonials from our clients


After eight months of professional collaboration with SOCIMENT, we have to say that the experience is proving tremendously positive. They have developed a new website for our company (www.corporacion5.es) that substantially improves what we had, with a clear and professional appearance .. …(Leer +)

José Alberto León
Corporación 5

In Retiro Sport Fitness, something very important has changed, since we decided to work with SOCIMENT, something as important as communication has another ways of being, agile, dynamic, fresh, suggestive and even aggressive, that in the moments in which we are considering necessary.(Leer +)

Pilar del Rio
Retiro Sport Fitness

From the Academy we are very happy with your work. A recommendation that we could make, in our particular case is the publication of the news on social networks in a more immediate way since in some cases they are published very close to the course date.(Leer +)

Canary Islands School of Navigation and Maritime Safety