Agreement with the Complutense University of Madrid


Last March, the Complutense University of Madrid and the marketing company Sociment signed an agreement through which students of that university can choose to do related practices in the field of marketing, advertising and communication.

Through this type of agreements that are already benefiting students, Sociment tries to give new learning opportunities and at the same time wants to uncover the potential of young people in their work environment.

Sociment continues its growth, this marketing company in the last year has not only boosted its offer in the field of Social Media Marketing, but also has achieved a large number of agreements regarding the rest of services currently offered by the company.

In the midst of a crisis, this marketing company is a strong advocate for good work, the need for all companies to have a good communication plan and, above all, they defend an idea that continues to surprise many. “Being a small company does not mean that it cannot opt for good advertising and marketing.”

With this philosophy, they have opened a new free demo program for companies, in which Sociment offers one month completely free in the corporate management of social networks where, with their work, it deals not only with to make known a product that is still novel for many, but also its good .

All those interested in obtaining this promotion should send an email to with the subject: FREE TRIAL or by contacting the company through their website