The purpose of this code1 is the identification of those principles and values ​​that the Marketing Association of Spain considers most important for marketing, understood as “the set of business practices and processes aimed at creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging products, services or activities of an organization, which have value both for their final recipients and for the rest of the stakeholders “.2


  • The present code, which arises from the conviction that good marketing generates better results in organizations, is based on the assumption of general principles of a transversal and universal nature that are shelled in a series of ethical values. The principles are: 
  • Respect both the current legality in the territory in which the marketing actions carried out are framed, as well as the rules and regulations of the platforms or means used for the development of the activities. 
  • The promotion of shared value between organizations and their stakeholders through their products, services and activities. 
  • The contribution, with the practice of the profession, to a good perception of marketing and its sub-disciplines, generating confidence in society in general and the various stakeholders in particular. 
  • The adoption, by marketing professionals, of the following ethical values ​​in professional practice:

We are aware of the responsibility we have with all our stakeholders, starting with the final recipient of our products and services. We will watch, therefore, for your safety and well-being in the exercise of our activity, working with respect towards them and towards our environment, responsibly assuming our role as an agent capable of promoting positive changes in society.

Honesty and truthfulness
in the development of the “marketing-mix”, our products / services / activities will be shown and presented in a truthful, honest, integral and correctly contextualized way, ensuring a value offer that fulfills what it promises.

Informative transparency
we will inform clearly and sufficiently about our offer, its characteristics, acquisition conditions or characteristics of the agreement, as well as post-purchase or post-agreement management, making use of verifiable data and facilitating both accessibility to relevant information as its diffusion.

The professionals who carry out the marketing will rely on good professional practices, collaborating with the work of other professionals and exercising their work from respect and listening to others; never taking advantage of benefits linked to their profession and extending the fulfillment of these practices to the supply chain.